It Does Not Happen Only to Others It Does Not Happen Only to Others


Ça n’arrive pas qu’aux autres (It Does Not Happen Only to Others) is an interactive awareness campaign created for the CSST in partnership with Brad, Zoom Media and Batko. By standing in front of a terminal with facial recognition technology, students can see themselves in a hospital bed with their face injured. It was developed to increase awareness among young people about work safety. The terminal also displays information and stats about work safety and work accidents.

Parabole had to build the terminal and develop the facial recognition system that could virtually change someone’s face when he stood in front of it.





Date de sortie

April 22nd, 2014


  • See your face change in real time with this augmented reality experience.
  • Become aware of the consequences a work accident can have on you.
  • Learn more about work safety with detailed information and stats included in the terminal.

Work Accidents Do Not Only Happen to Others

« Ça n'arrive pas qu'au autres » is an advertising campaign created by Brad, developed by Parabole and distributed by ZoomMedia in twelve colleges accross the Quebec province in Canada. Here's a preview video: